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Thread: Camcorder not being recognised

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    With my JVC GD D260E I have successfully downloaded and edited with Pinnacle for a couple of years. For no reason, all equiptment the same, my PC will not recognise the camcorder. Have purchased new firewire 1394, have been to local IT shop where he checked the camcorder on 4 computors but still not recognised. Is their a setting on the camcorder that could have been changed? Any help please,

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    It sounds like the firewire socket on the camera could be damaged. I'm not familiar with the JVC menu so I can't say but on my Panasonic there is a menu setting where you have to tell it to use USB or Firewire. BUT I don't see why this would have been altered on your camera as it's the sort of setting which is usually tucked way down the menus.

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    Many thanks for response, I had thought this but unable to check contact being made through the input socket. Thanks again

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