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    I'll just start a new thread... this is video from before uninstalling QT

    After uninstalling QT

    Why do cheaper cameras work fine?! I never had to visit a frickin forum until i was using a new Sony camera with Vegas!!!

    Cybershot 12.1. Win 7. Quicktime is now uninstalled.

    New Sony Cybershot 12.1 camera, using Sony Vegas Movie Studio to edit.

    2 months of no editing ability at all.

    Eliminated Quicktime.

    Called Sony tech support... more wasted time.

    Been posting at Sony website / forum. Apparently, in 3 months, there is not one Sony employee, customer service rep or tech support person that takes the time to visit the Sony website.... the forum, where customers who are running into issues post details about their experiences with Sony products. I am assuming that compatability issues between Sony Cybershot and Sony Vegas software would be taken seriously, and/or an effort would b made to be sure the issue was quickly resolved.

    Not at Sony.

    Why bother helping customers when they can just let other customers at Sony forums take a shot at the problem?

    Rather than responding or God forbid, helping, Sony prefers to let other customers at the Sony forum step up to the plate and do their tech support work for them.

    Win 7.

    Cheap Casio and girlfriends Nikon videos work fine in Vegas. But not MP4 video from Cybershot 12.1.



    -- Kodak zi6, zi8, zx1, Aiptek HD, Others (.MOV)
    Symptom: Video but not the audio opens in Vegas
    Solution: Rename the file extension from .mov to .mp4
    See full tutorial below if you don't know how to do this
    *NOTE: See Quicktime notes below

    -- Creative Vado HD, Insignia HD, RCA Small Wonder (.AVI)
    Symptom: Audio but not the video opens in Vegas
    Solution: Download and install the x264vfw codec from Sourceforge

    -- Nikon Coolpix, Canon Powershot, "Keychain" Video (.AVI, not all models)
    Symptom: Audio but not the video opens in Vegas
    Solution: Download and install the MainConcept MJPEG trial version (purchase not necessary):
    Support: MainConcept
    NOTE: There are other MJPEG (do not confuse with MPEG) for VFW solutions available.

    -- Flip Mino, Flip Ultra (.MP4)
    Symptom: Video but not audio opens in Vegas.
    Solution: *See Quicktime notes below

    -- Various sources (.MPG)
    Symptom: Video but not AC-3 Audio opens in Vegas.
    Solution: Rename the file extension from .mpg to .vob
    See full tutorial below if you don't know how to do this
    *NOTE: See Quicktime Notes Below
    *Special Note Regarding Quicktime
    Quicktime version 7.6.4 is broken. After installing, Vegas users frequently report loss of MOV/MP4 audio import, or crashes when opening or rendering various files.
    What is being done: Sony has issued a patch for Vegas Movie Studio Knowledgebase article - .mp4 fix. Sony has also fixed the issue in Vegas Professional 9.0c
    Apple has also released versions 7.6.5 and 7.6.6, which reportedly do not fix the problem for all Vegas installations.

    NOTE: The most reliable fix for .mp4, .m4v, .mov, etc. audio not opening or crashing Vegas is to roll back to Quicktime 7.6.0 or 7.6.2. There is a download link in the article linked just above. You will also have to uninstall iTunes 9 and reinstall iTunes 8 to get it working again. Once again, this is Apple's issue and has been abundantly discussed on the internet.
    Link to Full Tutorial
    For those wanting more detailed information and those just beginning with NLE and Windows:
    Sony Creative Software - Forums - Vegas Movie Studio Messages

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    Did the new version 9d sort out the problem.

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    I am using Vegas Movie Studio 9.

    By "using 9d," do you mean Vegas?

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    Sorry about my confusing reply. I thought you was using Vegas Pro 9. I should have read your post properly but I only skimmed it as it was quite big. They have just brought out a new version (9d) which fixes the problem it had with Quicktime.

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    there is a topic on the Sony forums about the QT, the new updated version caused problems in Vegas Pro, so may be the same for the Plat version.

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    I'm using Platinium 9b and can't get .mp4 files to open in it. been getting around it by converting to .avi.
    Hope 9b has an upgrade, as I'm now commited to purchasing it in the next couple of days. (Been using the trial).
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    I'm working on an MP4 project now in VP9d. Working a treat.

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