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    Iíve completed 25 AVIís that I want to put together and make a movie that plays for around 1.30hr. I want each AVI to be a chapter. Do I import the AViís onto the timeline in Vegas pro and then render all the combined AVIís as one big AVI again then drag into DVDA and use it as ďPLAY ALLĒ button. If so how do I make Ďactionsí in DVDA or Vegas pro9 with the button, markers etc.. to direct to an individual AVI if a user wants to just watch an individual section(AVI).

    Obviously I canít render all the AVIís in Vegas pro and drag them onto DVDA and then again drag each individual AVI into DVDA and rename the individual AVIís and use them as buttons. Which would be good in the perfect world as I know how to do that but 1.30 + 1.30 = 3hrs and thatís not gonna to fit on a DVD.

    Im sure the answer is simple, thanks for your patience

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    Drop all of the AVi's onto a Vegas timeline. Place the cursor at the start of each individual clip. Type 'M'. Name it as the chapter name you want to use. These 'M' markers are then imported into DVDA as chapter points. (Make sure that box is ticked on the render window)

    You need to render now to a mainconcept DVD template. (Make sure that you match your source aspect ratio - 4:3 or 16:9) Don't forget to create an audio file too.

    You'll get 3 hrs on a Dual layer disc at decent quality. For a single layer disc, I'd recommend rendering to a high quality, then using DVD Shrink to fit it to a SL disc.
    Download DVD Shrink - DVD Shrink - A FREE software to backup DVD disks ! - Softpedia
    Note: that would be after you've created your masterpiece in DVDA and made the ISO or .Vob files. (I do both - guess I'm a bit anal. )

    You could also try the 'shrink to fit' option in DVDA. Not been impressed with it myself though.
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    ok so i get the Markers in vegas but when i render im using the PAL widescreeen method. is that main concept. i'll have to check it out.
    i tick the show markers box but what do i have to do to these markers in DVDA.

    so the "fit to disc" in DVDA 4.0 method loses quality huh? what minimum bit rate should i be using. its gonna go for 1.40hr plus the pages with audio in DVDA,

    i clicked that link and checked it out but it seems like a whole new editing program. i dont need that.

    all i want to do is make 1 or 2 masters and im done.

    any advice is appreciated

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    When you bring the rendered file into DVDA, the markers will be there - double click it to get it on the TL, and you'll see them. DVDA treats them as 'chapter points'.

    DVD Shrink isn't an NLE - it just does what it sez on the tin...shrinks DVD files to fit a single disc. There's a TON of tutorials around for it. It really is V.V. easy to use.

    Try this to set your bit rate for the length of time you want:

    DVD-HQ : Bitrate & GOP calculator
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