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Thread: I need music video for our bands music

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    Exclamation I need music video for our bands music

    I am very bad what comes to video creating & editing, but i need some sort of music video to blues song like this:

    Caligynephobia(fear of beautiful women) - Black Lightning
    When video is done, it will be published at least on Youtube, so our band will get more audience. We are just amateurs, not pros. Otherwise we would hire somebody to do the thing.

    So here is challenge for you. Everything goes as far as no copyright is violated and video has some style in it.

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    Would this be one of these free videos that are taking the music business by storm at the moment?

    Sarah & Allison

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    I dunno. Maybe if it is good video.

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    We meant every band seems to want a video made for free.
    How many naked women would you want in it & how many hours would you want us to spend on it?

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    Well if you girls supply the naked footage I'll volunteer to do the editing.

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    Ha ha! I think that naked women are too boring stuff to the music video, becouse they are used too often. I prefer more intelligence stuff.

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    I have listened to Mr BlackTiger's audio. I have never heard 12bar being played by a band from Finland. The song title is misleading; although some of the poorer playing induced some caligynephobial symptoms.

    It is an instrumental. BT's comments sounds sensible. Blues and Jazz lovers like to think their work is more intellectual and mature than that of street rappers. MB's offer is unlikely to be taken up; but his recently demonstrated skills at handling black and white would probably be more accepted - but I doubt he would allow his video to be associated with your song.

    I find I get more help in these forums if I ask for help; rather than asking if someone will do it for me. Creating a movie to accompany an audio track; then uploading to YouTube is not difficult. If BT can do it, he will find alot of support here for many aspects of making videos.

    My most honest opinion is that the audio is not good enough to interest me. Sorry.

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    Actually I found it quite interesting and it fits a video project I'm working on at the moment. So I've used it.

    Black Tiger thanks and please feel free to link to my video (I'll post the link once I've had feedback from the client) Oh, and of course I've mentioned you in the credits!

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    Nice one Gaffer!

    Can we also point out we are intelligent naked women!

    Sarah & Allison & Tina

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    I don't believe you.... Prove it!

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