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Thread: Ensuring quality of video capture from camera to pc

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    Default Ensuring quality of video capture from camera to pc

    Hey guys!
    I'm a video newbie trying to learn the tricks and trades from you pros out there..

    well I've been shooting some footage on my video cam (Panasonic AG-DVX102B). What i seem to constantly notice is that there's a very stark difference between what I'm capturing as seen thru the viewfinder and what I'm seeing after capture onto my macbook pro in FCP. Basically, what i'm seeing and hoping to capture is not what I'm getting. (white balance, colour, contrast, exposure, etc).

    How do you guys handle it? If there's some thread out there that's already handling this, do point me there to save ya the trouble of answering!


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    By the sound of it you need to calibrate your viewfinder. That is assuming your computer monitor is calibrated correctly.

    To do this you'll have to dig into the menu system to adjust the display settings, try your manual for help. You have colour bars on the camera to help you balance the colour. I would also have a scene which you can point the camera at. What you are after is that the scene you see with your eyes is the same as the image on the viewfinder. You could also try linking your camera to you computer and see what the difference is between the viewfinder and to computer screen.

    If you want to be really professional you could get your self a separate monitor as a viewfinder is just that a viewfinder for framing the shot. It's not a monitor.

    As you get more experience with the camera you will learn to compensate for the viewfinder. For example a friend of mine has his display slightly warmer than it should be because he can work with that. BUT ideally it should be set to duplicate the real world as close as you can.

    I'm not a Pro and there are more professional solutions but this is what I would do.

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