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    Hey, I am looking for a tutorial on a plane crash for Adobe After Effects. I saw a Video Copilot one for smoke trails, but don't have Particular so I cannot use it D:

    I need just a 5 second clip of either a plane going towards the camera or towards and island with a smokey behind. I'm going to be cutting to black and inserting crashing noises, so that kind of takes out the tough work. Any help?

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    Strangely enough I think you might be asking on the wrong forum.

    I would go onto a flightsim forum and see if anyone there can help you. There are a lot of flight simulator fans who make "movies" of their flights. Maybe you could talk one of them into making that short clip for you. The quality of scenery images in the current generation of Flight Simulators is incredible.

    It"s worth a try.

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    Thanks for the idea, I'll check that out. My friend does a lot of that stuff, maybe he can help.

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    Just an update. I got a 3D airplane, animated in 3D max, exported to CS4 and animated it and got this:

    zSHARE - testt.avi

    Ignore the bad quality, I`ll put high res up tommorow. I`m just wondering what else should I add to itÉ Perhaps some smoke is all I can think of for now.

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