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    Question Enhance voice recording

    Hi folks. dont know if this is the riht forum for my question but I`ll give it a try. I got a voice recording file I need to enhance so that I`m able to hear the voices better. This is a voice recording between myself and my x. My lawyer need this recording in a shape where we are able to hear what she says better then we can today. I`ve tryed different software but guess I need some help with this problem. Is there anyone in here who could help me with this? I live in Norway btw. This X of mine are keeping our kids away from me witouht any good reeson at all. and I`m now going to court to have our kids removed from here and placed into my care because she uses amfetamin several times a week. and this recording is the only way I can prove it.

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    I'm sorry to hear about your troubles. If you could post a sample of the recording so we can judge how bad it is to determine if it can be improved.

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    Default voice recording sample

    here`s the link to the recording sample.

    zSHARE - sample of recording.wav

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    Thanks for posting the sample, I found it to short to be useful though. Perhaps 10 seconds.

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    Default recording sample

    Made a bigger one. heres the link. tyvm for the help btw

    zSHARE - recording sample.wav

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    Your audio sample is not available anymore.

    I once did a gig where I had to increase the volume of the the 2 interviewees, because the camera's condenser mic recorded them at too low a level.

    Most, if not all audio editing software has a gain or amplify option.
    Highlight the audio, and use the amplify option to raise the levels.

    Alternatively, you can use the hard limiting option to raise the audio to a certain "ceiling" and not go higher than that.

    Of course, these options will raise the volume of everything on the audio, including background noises. Sounds that are already loud will become LOUDER, and can be really annoying, so you may have to go in and highlight those sounds by themselves, and then either reduce their volumes or delete them altogether.

    For example, when I raised the volumes of the interviewees, it also raised the sound of someone slamming a heavy exit door. Unfortunately, it was at the same time that one interviewee was talking, so all I could do really was lower the volume at that particular point, to where it was not jarring.

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