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Thread: Low in Memory in a 24sec video (I have 12GB of RAM!!!!)

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    Default Low in Memory in a 24sec video (I have 12GB of RAM!!!!)

    An Error while creating the media file *****.mp4
    The system is low in memory. You might be able to reduce memory usage by closing other applications
    I believe I have a very simple 24 sec video....

    First, each shot was color graded individually and saved in vegas as separate *.mp4 files (1080 24fps)

    Then, I combined all the shots and did some speed corrections (5 shots were sped up.. some of them were at 300%, but not other effects other than fades between shots)

    I'm running win 7 (x64), Core i7 w/ 12gb of ram / Nvidea GeForce GTX 260 and vegas 9 (x64)
    I must have some type of setting wrong in vegas, because there is no way that that I'm running low in memory with such as dumb little video

    BTW, now my time line shows red images

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    What version and build number of Vegas are you using?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grazie View Post
    What version and build number of Vegas are you using?
    Pro and I have no clue what build version I have. I got it when it ver 9 first came out... but never use it until now.

    I just notice, there is new update (9D) I'll give it a try to see if that fixes things.

    BTW, this morning... I tried trouble shooting the issue: things like dynamic ram and numbers of threads didn't have any effect. What it did have an effect was erasing all the media files from the "project media" that I was no longer using. I was able to render scene 3 (5 sec) and then combined scene 1- 2 and 3 (24 sec total)... it rendered at 1080p in 32 sec

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