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    Default Call of Duty Trash talking friend

    (by the way, my video(s) aren't professional type videos, they aren't even necessarily "films") But i've made videos in the past, but i am just now recently trying to get some what serious with it. Using different effects and skills and etc. Just want to know what everyone here thinks and would love to hear you're comments and critiques.

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    I was confused about what was happening. But, it did not affect my overall opinion.

    It was a pleasure to see enthusiastic acting, you seem very at ease in front of a lens.

    I thought it lasted too long. Almost 4 mins. I suspect the entire story could have been told in about 90 seconds.

    May I recommend making the background less (or more) interesting. It looks a bit depressing.
    There seems to be alot of background noise in the audio? Could you use an external mic?

    I suspect your lighting (as you only using household lights) are affecting the colour balance of the picture. Can it be adjusted a little in your video editing software?

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    Thank you Tim.

    on your first thought -i'll think about that, i wouldn't want anyone being confused. any idea how i could've gone about starting it other wise?

    2. yeah, in my last 2 videos i felt as if i wasn't very "animated" when i spoke. thank you.

    3. haha yeah i was watching it and i saw a few areas where i could have shortened it up a bit.

    4. i was only using the mic from my JVC Everio. but i'll look into getting an external mic in the future. and im in a college dorm room so thats all i really have for my background for now. :(

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    A couple of suggestions:

    The big frame on the rear wall detracts from the head shots, and serves no useful purpose; and is often right in the middle of the shot. Take it down or cover it, perhaps?

    And. Re-arrange the cushions (perhaps to the wall), to stop it looking like a bed.

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