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    I use a copy of sony vegas 7.0, I also use a go pro hd camera, which as the name suggests, shoots in hd. Importing the videos and audio worked just fine, then putting the clips into the timeline worked just fine, then i watch the preview video, and it's all laggy and such, pretty much a still picture for 3 seconds, then another, yet the audio plays fine. I put the preview quality on draft (auto) and it worked a bit better, but still awkward. I tried just using a 4 second clip and it was still being a muppet. So i decided to press on with my video as i had a non official deadline of my mate pressing me to get it done, but to do this i had to create a loop of about 30seconds, press shift+b, so it rendered it i guess, and after this it played fine, but it took time and effort and annoyed me alot, plus i had to do it everytime i came back to working on the video. So when i make my next video, i don't wanna be wasting time on this shift+b buisiness. For your infomation, my brother had the same problem on a different pc with a different hd camera, so decided to use a different video software, which isn't laggy but isnt exactly up to the editing standard vegas is. So if it can't be fixed im willing to change my software, as long as you guys can give me a good reccomendation. (also sorry if this has been posted before, i did search the forum but had no luck finding an answer)



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    1] Media Format?

    2] Project Settings?

    3] Full name of Vegas and version?

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    haha, i thought id coverd everything in my essay, but okays

    my media format is mpeg-4
    My project settings were NTSC DV (720x480, 29.970 fps) (and i just saw an hd option, have i just been a muppet?)
    and my sony vegas is sony vegas 7.0 version 7.0c build 169 i cant see if its like the home edition or anything, but i dont thinks its home addition.

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    The GoPro HD cameras have four settings, each with different frame sizes and frame rates. To ensure Vegas can edit the video, you need to match your project settings to those of the video. I don't use Vegas, so I can't help you on that. Selecting the correct project setting may give improved results, but ultimately you need a combination of a fast PC and a recent version of your editing software to edit AVCHD natively with any success.

    You can transcode the GoPro video to a more edit friendly codec using Squared 5 - MPEG Streamclip video converter for Mac and Windows

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    1] You have Vegas 7c. Vegas 7 finished at 7e - you are 2 updates behind.

    2] Us the Match Media to Project Settings, which has been referred to on this Forum many times.

    And here is the list of "fixes" you are missing out on by staying/remaining on 7c - up to you.

    This from the SONY site:-

    Notable Fixes/Changes in Version 7.0e
    • Added support for editing files recorded with Sony AVCHD camcorders.
    • Added snapping to speaker locations for Film style panning.
    • Added support for multichannel audio in WMA/WMV files. When you add a 5.1 Windows Media file to a stereo project, the stereo downmix stream is loaded by default; when adding to a 5.1 surround project, audio will be added to separate tracks for the center, front, rear, and LFE channels.
    • Export to PSP® (PlayStation® Portable) now supports writing to the \VIDEO folder and includes a PSP full-screen template (supported in PSP® firmware 3.30 or higher).
    • Improved encoding quality in the MainConcept AVC/AAC renderer when using a constant bit rate.
    • Fixed a visual issue with rotated 2D images being scaled down very small.
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when using Ctrl+NumPad keys with the Surround Panner if no track had focus.
    • Fixed an issue with normalizing events that had a very small, silent looped portion.
    • The My Documents folder is now the default capture location for SDI and HDV captures.
    • Fixed an issue with rendered XDCAM IMX files to ensure they play back from an XDCAM deck.
    • Fixed an issue that could cause the wrong frame to be displayed on an external monitor when playing back outside of the active loop region.
    • Fixed a potential buffer overrun with some ASIO drivers.
    • Fixed an issue opening some Ogg Vorbis audio files.
    • Fixed a crash that could occur while trying to recapture offline XDCAM media files during project load.
    • Fixed a crash that could occur while replacing media with media with fewer audio channels.
    • Fixed a DV video capture issue that could cause captured NTSC clips to be misidentified as PAL.
      Fixed a DV video capture issue that could prevent starting timecode from being detected.
    • Fixed an issue identifying the Plextor-755 drive for CD audio extraction.
    Notable Fixes/Changes in Version 7.0d

    • Fixed a track-compositing issue introduced in Vegas 7.0c.
    • Fixed an issue with changing the audio channel in the Trimmer for media that is not in the project.
    • Fixed a conflict with the Raylight MXF reader.
    • Fixed a freeze that could occur when using MPEG or AVC media in the Trimmer while Preview on External Monitor was enabled.
    • Fixed JKL freeze.
    • Fixed a crash when multichannel media that is also in the project is added to the Trimmer and played.
    • Fixed a crash while opening a project that has media that was also in the Trimmer.
    • Fixed a crash when viewing properties for a surround DVD Camcorder audio event.
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when recapturing offline XDCAM media or changing XDCAM media outside of Vegas.

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    ahh cool, yeah i tried the project settings match-up thing which didn't work. So i shall try the tanscode thingy, then a newer version of sony vegas,

    Thanks for all your help as i know this is a common problem cause i saw it in that sticky post, but ive tried lots of things before which dont work, and i guess ultimately it may just be my pc's specs.



    Okay, i upgraded my vegas, no good, i tried the "transcoder" thingymebob and only one type of export worked, but sadly lost quality.

    Im attaching a jpeg of my system infomation page, i hope it helps. I'm guessing too low specs?
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