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    Default Analogue video card

    Hi, I am the new 'boy'.
    I have just built a PC so out went a load of old IDE hardware and in with the new, including Windows 7 that will not accept my old winfast card for inputting my old VHS-C tapes which I still access occasionally.
    Anyone suggest a compliant card to do this job without bells and whistles preferably?
    It is one of those questions that is difficult to search for a simple straight answer.
    Nice to have found this forum by the way.

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    There's 3 options available to you, each with varying costs associated:

    • Using a graphics card: this first option will be the cheapest if you already have a graphics card with a "TV-in" connection. It's not exactly standard, but it's worth checking that your card dosn't have this functionality
    • Using a camcorder: again, this is a free option if you have a DV or HDV camcorder with analogue to digital pass thorugh. Check your manual
    • Using an external USB ANalogue to Digital Converter: This is the mid range option where typcially the unit will come with its own capture software and drivers. A typical example is the dazzle range of units, Pro Video Editing and Transfer Software - Dazzle Video Creator which will be from £50 to £100
    • Using a firewire based converter: This is the most expensive option, but the most hassle free. You simply connect up your analgue source, and then use you standard video editing software to import video via firewire as you would DV or HDV. The canopus range are good examples: ADVC Professional Family | Grass Valley

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