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    I have the syncmaster t220... but there is also a syncmaster t220 HD screen.

    Now, if I was to go for a dual screen setup, could I connect these two monitors considering they are the same resolution?

    Would it be possible to run a HD monitor on the left with the standard def model on the right? Would that work? Or would it only be possible to run them both at standard def?

    Cheers guys!

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    Running dual monitors depends more on the capabilities of your video card than the monitors themselves. The monitors are both connected to the video card rather than being connected together!
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    Ah I see

    So in theory if my card supports it, I could in fact run a HD monitor and SD without any problems?

    I have the ati radeon HD5750 card, will that be ok?! Surely it will?!

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    Yes it will if you have the right leads. Your card has twin DVI sockets do your monitors have DVI sockets.

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