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    Hi, im new and i want your advice on which camcorder i should choose please.

    I will be recording family vacation, at home, birthdays/holidays and maybe skating videos (rarely)
    I want to choose between the Panasonic HDC-TM300 and the Panasonic HDC-TM700 because of their 3MOS sensors and the image quality. However; i know that the TM700 can record in 1080/50p and the 300 can not, but i don't think i will need this as 1080i is just as excellent for causal videos. I know the 700 has a 35mm lens (?) and i dont think it makes much difference to me at the moment. So i was thinking whether i should save the 100 for memory and buy the 300 or pick the full-fledged 700? What do you think guys?


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    As you say, there is not a lot between them other than the recording format and the size of the monitor, and that is no more detailed, just slightly larger.

    The main effect will be on your editing computer, the 1080p format requiring it to do more work than the 1080i.
    The on;y other noticable difference is that the 700 will allow the use of the new SDXC cards, but unless you are planning on using cards in excess of 32gb, then I wouldn't worry about that!

    Personally, I'd go for the 300.
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    yeah exactly, i work on a 2.26ghz macbook pro (adobe premiere cs4) and aint interested in anymore than a title and colour correction and exporting to .mp4 or similiar formats.
    and yeah 300 just looks nicer in my opinion haha


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