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Thread: Handel. Animation

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    Default Handel. Animation

    Non-educational, absurd, colourful and mercifully short.

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    A brilliant description of an interesting little video!

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    Wow, thats a great job Tim. You have really been working hard on this project and your hard work is beginning to bare great visual fruit.

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    That was quite spectacular Tim, a big step forward from your 2D Allegro animation!
    You are really fascinated by sound aren't you.
    I was watching it intrigued where it was all going to go & felt sure at one point it was turning into a model of my son's rat cage for some reason!
    Then I suddenly saw the King & Queen chess pieces & thought brilliant they are going to do a baroque period dance animation!!!
    I was disappointed when they didnt, I guess that was expecting too much!!
    Some objects looked a bit distorted in perspective occaisionally (the rook & a pawn at 1.13 & 1.10) & were the green & pink balls really meant to turn ovoid sometimes?
    None of this is meant as criticism, it was quite fascinating to watch.
    Well done.


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    Excellent imagination, especially with the chess pieces which added an extra dimension.

    Thanks for posting.
    I have six honest, serving men. They taught me all I knew.
    Their names are What and Why and When. And How and Where and Who! (Rudyard Kipling)

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    Quite mesmerising. I particularly liked the finale when the "camera" tilted up and we were treated to the rainfall of musical notation.
    Out of interest - volume and average volume - what were they based on?

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    Wow, that was really quite fascinating. Very creative!

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    May I thank you all for taking the time to view it and post comments.
    I thought it may be useful to add my comments (but the post might be a bit long).

    To avoid the notation problems I had with a previous animation (allegro); I passed my Midifile via an musicologist who was able to compare the MIDI to the original
    score and make corrections and advise me on the arrangement of parts.
    (Be aware - Sensitive classical folk would faint if they realised I sustituted 2 of the trumpet parts to alto sax and french horns)

    My own code reads the Midifile and generates a huge amount of "VRML"; a computer
    language which can describe objects in a virtual reality. I then used a VRML rendering program to generate almost all of the video. Then I use Adobe Premiere to put the different scenes together with the audio and titles.

    I was close to abandoning the project. I had ignored the rule that PPPPPP.
    The final video uses 7 of the 30 different camera I had created, but realised that at some point, the whole thing would become meaningless to the viewer.
    2 baroquelike dancing pawns, a river, a sihouette of London skyline were on the list (but not rat cages) but there was no space left!

    S&A noticed some strange distortions. These were leftovers from earlier variations (and I had forgotton to remove). For example, the Pawn now appears to deflate whilst a block passes through their head.

    TimStannard asked about the 'Volumes'.
    The audio is, of course, all done with synthesisers (including the applause at the end). I created separate WAV files for each instrument; then used the volume of each WAV file (not the 'velocity' from the Midifile) to change the height of each box. Of course, we never hear the these individual tracks; we just get to hear my stereo mix. The WAVs were recorded at 44.1k samples per second. If we only take a sample of the volume 30 times a second; then the blocks movements would look change violently - almost at random. However, by taking a rolling average value; the fluctations lessen. For this video, the 'volume' block uses a rolling average of 10ms; and the 'av.volume' blocks use rolling average over 1000ms. As with gauges and LEDs on home audio equipment; none tell the whole truth.

    To humanise the piece, I added some randomness to objects which were not notes. For example, one might notice the Pawns are not all exactly positioned the same and the Instument names don't line up perfectly.

    The 1st half contains several shots. In a recent thread, TimStannard reminded us that making the cuts in time with music was not necessary good. I was not wholly satisfied with my choice, but it seems to have the desired effect. Lull the viewer into accepting the strange world; then transport them in a newer, even more exciting place. (2 weeks ago, I considered using a 'reverse zoom' shot; but could not get it to work).

    Many decisions I made was based on threads in this Forum and comments on my earlier videos. I have been grateful for the assistance I have been given; even when I appear to be asking a weird or dumb question.

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    Thanks for the insight Tim. My question about the volume was two-fold - to understand why the "volume" gives the appearance of flickering, and over what period the "average" is averaged. Both asked and answerd.

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    In case anyone is remotely interested(!), before putting the project to bed, I made a short experimental "3d" version.

    This is a "red/blue anaglyph" movie. Best seen in HD,full screen.

    I use some cool glasses, but viewers with filters or gels could place the RED on the left eye; and CYAN on the right.

    Sadly, compression badly affects the image quality. The colours are extremely important, and imperfections can appear as ghosted images.
    This was an experiment only; but it may be of passing, casual interest.

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