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Thread: Shoot Smash Boom Episode 1 - Texas Stadium Implosion in Slow Motion

  1. Default Shoot Smash Boom Episode 1 - Texas Stadium Implosion in Slow Motion

    For those of you not in the US, the Texas stadium is the former home of the Dallas Cowboys. They are an (American) football team. Not sure how well known American football is in foreign countries, so I could be over-explaining this. :-P

    I filmed overcranked footage of the implosion of the stadium with an EX1, consumer level Canon camera, and a Casio EX-F1. This video was used in a web series I'm starting.

    Shoot Smash Boom is a web series where various items are destroyed...and
    filmed with high speed cameras. This first episode features the Dallas
    Cowboys stadium demolition.

    Think of Shoot Smash Boom as Mythbusters, but without the science, in a
    web series format, and with more destruction and slow motion.
    I wish the slow motion parts were more exciting. Sadly, it didn't look as grand as the demolition of a taller building would have looked.

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    I'm a real sucker for footage of buildings being demolished.
    In some ways there's not a lot to these sorts of films, but you've gone the extra mile and turned this into a very watchable film.
    Your script is interesting and informative, stopping short of swamping us with too many numbers and facts. The opening dialogue is particularly good - the script anticipates what's going to happen and your delivery is spot on. I don't know quite how, but see if you can get more of that excitement into the rest of the script.
    I wondered about even more of a documentary approach - interviews with demolition experts etc, but I don't think that would work as such a tiny proportion of the film would be of the actual explosion.

    However, you mentioned making a series.

    Get tha series together and then maybe tie the whole lot together with a more long-form documentary?

    The titles were very good. My only criticism is that they are perhaps too good for the actual footage. You mention that you wish it was more exciting - well the titles only serve to make the footage appear less so.

    Looking forward to the next installment. Thanks for sharing.

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    I was thinking of shooting some interviews, but that was edging away from what I had planned with the web series. I wanted it to drift mainly towards the destruction and slow motion. As you saw, even the crowd shots were filmed in slow motion.

    This first episode drifted away from the more lighthearted and slightly comedic feel I'm going for with the rest of the series. It had more of a serious vibe to it. I thought about it for a while, and I think with the time I had (shooting, editing, and releasing in a day) this was my best option.

    Hopefully the next episode will make up for everything. I'm hoping to destroy a broken EX1 in that episode. It should be very fun.

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    As spectators, we're used to sound being an integral part of what we see. Watch any documentary and you'll alway hear sounds that enrich the visual. They're rarely the actual sounds recorded with the video - they're not nearly as realistic as something you can add in post. It's these sounds that help add impact and it's these sounds that are missing from your video.

    From the opening credits through to the opening shots, you're promising impact. Whilst the video shows an impressive explosion, the lack of either ambient or faked explosion meant I found myself thinking, "mah". I think you can do more with what you've got...

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    You make a very good point. I admit the lack of SFX is another downfall of the video. The sound I recorded on location was awful. This woman behind me kept yelling "Oh my god", so if I was to slow that down it would have taken a very comedic spin.

    I might have had enough SFX in my library to fake it, but I was getting to the point where I was going to spend a lot more time if I had to do that, and I wanted to get the video up that day (which ended up not happening thanks to internet problems).


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    I thought the actual footage was good I have been comparing it with the TV coverage and thought it was better than CBS. It's a shame the lighting was so dull. I agree it would have added to the piece if you had sound.

    Well done.

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    I'm a mad bomber from a long time ago and seen heaps of this sort of work via video and real life. Your clip is good, short and informative but I feel requires some bang sounds. The two go hand in hand.

    Where I work we use 3 of those casio slow motion cameras, just be careful getting the white balance correct and shooting at a speed which gives the best balance of available light. 300fps is quite adequate for this type of demolition, it will produce more than enough screen time.

    My advice for a web series on youtube is drop the title sequence.
    I know nothing about youtube, even less about video

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    When the building was demolished it was overcast, so I had to crank up the ISO on the camera (which I didn't want to do). Thus, the footage from the Casio EX-F1 was dark and pixelated/grainy.

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    @rollingstock I looked at your videos on pyrotechnics. Very cool stuff! Is that what you use the Casio EX-F1s for?

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