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Thread: What do I receive via Sky?

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    Default What do I receive via Sky?

    (Once again, sorry if this is a dumb question. I have no commercial interest in the subject; but I am curious).

    I watched a house makeover program on TV, via Sky.
    I have also been a DVD given to the householders from the production company which pupported to be the same DVD which they would pass to TV companies for transmission.

    I assumed that TV companies did something with these DVDs (thus losing some quality); and then my TV would show the transmitted signal (which would also lose some quality).

    But. The both versions seemed to be of the same quality.
    Was I mistaken? Or is there very little difference between the DVD given to a TV company and a DVD of the transmitted signal (e.g. a recording made by a Sky+ box)?

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    As I understand, Sky transmits SD content using DVB-compliant MPEG2 streams. (HD in MPEG4). This is essentially the same encoding technology used in the DVD distributions. As this is a "digital" signal, you should, in theory notice little difference between DVD and DVB. The only real difference would be the use of a lower bitrate in broadcasting for bandwidth purposes.

    Please note that I may have missed the mark and will happily stand corrected! However, I would assume that the production company would have sent a higher quality version for re-encoding for transmission?


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