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Thread: Blacklock Jewellery Contemporary collection photoshoot

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    Smile Blacklock Jewellery Contemporary collection photoshoot

    Well I have been a busy bee! Although I actually filmed this back in February but the client has only just gone live with the video.

    It was for a behind the scenes video of the photoshoot for the new Blacklock contemporary collection, the photos taken at the time were to be used for the website redesign etc. My brief was to capture the essence of the photoshoot, the glamour and style etc. It was all a one man shoot, although I had a handy helper to hold the mic when filming the peices to camera. Filmed in one day and edited in approx 2 days.

    The client was happy (yay) but I'd also like to see what you guys think!

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    I had to watch this first without sound and I really liked the look.
    When I got a chance later to hear the audio, I was a bit disappointed. The opening - the way you've introduced the players - but then I got a bit frustrated, we keep "nearly" hearing snippets of conversation which I found frustrating - are we meant to hear snippets or not? This was a definite distraction, because when I'd watched without the sound I was really enjoying the visuals; this time I found myself concentrating on trying to work out if I could hear any voices.

    Then, of course we get the first interview, with Chris, and this is crystal clear and so it's now obvious that the previous stuff was just ambient - I wonder if maybe it should have been left as just music, or music and ambient, but no talking.

    When I watched it the third time, I was prepared for this and so enjoyed it again.

    One thing which always catches me out is how some expertly applied make-up can totally transform the look of a girl.

    Tasty piece of jewelerry as well (at least from this ignoramuses point of view).

    I think you must be having a whale of a time, paid gigs like this, jobs where you get to set it all like the singer's and then some light relief with your own brand of satire. And what's more you don't insist on doing it all in Welsh with English subtitles.

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    Client happy, got paid. Nuff said.

    Nice one.

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    A happy client. Perfect!

    I found the initial "stop-go" nature of the introduction a bit distracting. The cuts from static black and white to the crash zooms were a bit jarring, particularly as they all came so close together in a short space of time.

    It's frustrating having to frame on a piece of jewellry, isn't it? The shots just don't look right as you end up framing in a way that pretty much breaks those pesky rules (cutting off people's heads being one). You see it so often in wedding videos where the videographer attempts to get the tiara in frame. But all you really see is the top of someone's head! It didn't help that the necklace was so small and the woman's neck quite long.

    The photographer sounded like a huge amount of fun - more interesting than the jewellry!

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    As a "making of" it worked really well, as Middy pointed out "Client happy, got paid. Nuff said" so whatever we say is unnecessary. However...
    I must agree with Tim, the voices at the front annoyed me a bit, it would have been nice to have complete sentences, especially as not everything was lip-sync. Just grumpy old git nit-picking. Bloody good photographer tho'!

    Good result.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Midnight Blue View Post
    Client happy, got paid. Nuff said.

    Nice one.
    Pretty much sums it up for me too!
    I didn't worry about the ambient voices until the interview came in so much louder and a little jarring, but otherwise a well shot and produced piece.
    I have six honest, serving men. They taught me all I knew.
    Their names are What and Why and When. And How and Where and Who! (Rudyard Kipling)

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    I'm glad people like it (for the most part), and it's true that all that matters is the client loved it. But I do see your points about the ambient audio at the beginning, I was aware they didn't flow as coherent sentences but it didn't strike me as a problem per say. As it was just a very brief representation of the planning discussion that took place that morning. Would have been impossible to replace it with a wildtrack or try to construct a conversation as I had to finish the black and white frame holds for the different people.

    Anyway, this is pretty much the first job of this kind I've actually been paid to do, and doing it all by myself it was a steep learning curve. Overall im quite happy with the end result.

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