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Thread: Importing AC3 Mpegs-(Dolby Digital)

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    Default Importing AC3 Mpegs-(Dolby Digital)

    Howdy folks,

    I need some expert advice. I have a new Sony Dcr DVD-300 Handycam that records directly to DVd-RW. What video editing software can import a Mpeg with AC-3 audio??? I hate this ImageMixer software that came with the camera. It does a nice job of recording VHS tapes DIRECTlY to DVD-RW though. I then transfer over the mpeg files to my computer. when I go to use another 3rd party software such as Pinnacle studio 8 or Ulead' Movie Factory 3 Disc Creator I get the video imported Ok but No audio since neither of these prgrams can import Ac-3 audio Mpeg!! ANYBODY KNOW OF AN EDITING SOFTEARE THAN CAN INPORT AB AC-3 audio mpeg file??????


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    Do they not support AC3 or do you not have the relevant AC3 codec? Does the sound play in media player?
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    Why not try converting the audio to MPEG3 with a freeware app such as VirtualDub, then import this into you video editing app?
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    I can play the the imported Mpeg file with AC3 audio in Realplayer, Windows Media Player along with the Sony's Pixela software just great so the codec is NOT the problem. I just can't import the same file to Pinnacle studio 8 or the trial version of Ulead movieFactory 3 disc Creator and get the audio. Ulead has informed me that they do not support the AC3 format since it wasn't available when they developed the ULead software. The Vegas people have told me that this format will be avaible for the Vegas 5 software. This Ac3 importing feature must be real new to 3rd party software companies. Is it????


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    I will try it and see if it works.

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    Default virtual dub

    Nah, I don't want to go that way because virtual dub seems to be more for video and AVi file stuff. Sounds too complicated for me. I just want a GOOD video editing software that can import Mpeg files with AC3 audio. Recording VHS to my DVD camera and then loading to computer for editing is time consuming enough with going through another process.


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    Default AC3 support


    Here is some HOT and NEW information for you board viewers. Sonic's MY DVD version 4.00 and 5.0 support importing mpegs with AC3 audio Their software works and burns GREAT and with AC3 support is superior to Pinnacle Studio 8, Ulead, Movie Factory 3, and VEgas 4. For ALL you folks looking for AC3 support LOOK NO FURTHER. Sonics My DVD has that AC3 support WITH NO HASSLE.


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    Cheers. Sonic should give you commision
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    Use Ulead VideoStudio V.9 and up (if you get v.8, you will need to purchase the ac3 plugin). I have been using it for the past 2 years and it works perfectly with ac3 while editing your mpeg-2

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