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Thread: New Forum!!!

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    Default New Forum!!!

    Although I haven't been able to convert the old board, it has been kept as an archive. So check out for a mine of information!

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    Hi Marc -

    Nice choice on the new forums Same as my website!

    You can log in as admin, go to Administration Panel, then go to General Admin section and click on Configuration and in the "Site Description" box you can change that text at the top of the forums to be a link. Mine has this too:

    The way it appears in the box originally is:

    Welcome to the fastest growing hair loss information Discussion Forums on the web.
    To view our old forums with over 20,000 posts please Click Here

    I know the click here link doesnt work but thats another issue. You get the idea


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    Excellent, thanks for that! I hope you'll register here too
    follow us on
    become a fan on facebook

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