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Thread: What Red Ranger did next

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    Talking What Red Ranger did next

    Ok here's ANOTHER new video from me (man I've been busy recently!). All shot and edited yesterday. I had this idea buzzing around my head for a while and finally managed to get it done.

    It's loosely mockumentary style, but just supposed to be funny.
    Premise: I'm red power ranger, retired. Talking about the good'ol days (etc).

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    Well delivered, as usual - one day someone might really come and video an interview with you. Some good gags in there though I didn't find it a constant belly laugh. Partially this is because I'm far too old to know anything about Power Rangers and partially because I struggled a bit with the sound - the external wasn't bad, but the ambient sound was loud enough to make me have to concentrate harder than I would have liked to. In the indoor interview, the interviewer couldn't really be heard and you could so easily have simply dubbed that on later.

    It seemed to pick up about half way through so I'm glad I contiued watching (unlikely I'd bail out of one of your comedies anyway). I thought the "fight training" montage at the end was the crowning glory - very nicely spoofed - although I think I'd have swapped the "pulling a muscle" gag (too obvious) for a nod of satisfaction "I've still got what it takes" look to the camera or to self.

    Anyway, a nice quick turnaround job which must be a well earned bit of light relief after all that work on the singer with a staple in her lip

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    Not really much to add to Tim's comments. I too almost bailed, particularly though the external shots where I had to concentrate on the dialogue.

    Agree that the fight scene was the crowning glory. I think I'd have liked to have seen more cutaways to this scene during the interview. Perhaps also move the girl to nearer the end and cut most of that out (or keep on coming back to it - the more you explain the less she seems to recall etc).

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    Another great piece Matt. I loved the shot of the Robin and then pan round to you. I laughed at all the gags and I'm nearly as old as Tim. I especially like the same photo gag.

    Nicely shot and edited.

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    I do see your points, maybe the shot with the girl could have come later, I always had it in mind however to play it that way as wanted to break up the interview bits. And although we also filmed that interchange in separate takes, I thought the shot I used (all one take from the bird right to the end) had the most charm. Therefore the idea of breaking it up through the narrative would have lost that charm, in my eyes anyway.

    The duplicate picture gag was actually my favourite, and one of the first ideas I had script-wise.

    I'm glad you stuck it out to the end, I think the little montage at the end was a good ending, I almost didn't film it also as it was one of those last minute idea things. Well worth it though.

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    Hello Matt,

    Commenting on your videos from a fifteen year old's perspective is probably quite valuable.

    I must say, as a someone who used to watch the power rangers as a young kid, I connected with what you were saying and thought it was very very funny. You certainly kept my interest. This is something I know, my friends will appreciate. I'm going to be posting it on my Facebook profile now and maybe even Twitter!

    I'm really surprised you don't have more subscribers. You are a true comedic genius. I'm not lying.

    P.S The picture quality of your videos has been absolutely superb (top notch stuff)... what camera do you use?

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    Quote Originally Posted by harrysfunzoneboy View Post
    Hello Matt,
    I'm really surprised you don't have more subscribers. You are a true comedic genius. I'm not lying.
    yeah me too. But thanks for your encouraging comments as always.

    My usual camera is a Sony A1E which always gives me quite good footage, but I'm sometimes able to use my friends cameras. Two Sony XDCAM EX1 cameras, which shoot beautiful images, used for this video. Yah, it looks good, I want these cameras!

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