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Thread: Novatech Wants To Build You The Perfect Video Editing System

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    Default Novatech Wants To Build You The Perfect Video Editing System

    Hi All

    I am new to the site but not to video editing. My name is Kriss Pomroy and I am the Commercial Director of a company that many of you use - Novatech.

    One of the new additions to our range is going to be two video editing systems. They will both be capable of running and editing HD video. One will be around the £699 level and one around the £999 price point.

    We are intending on basing them around the Intel i5 and i7 processors as they offer excellent performance for the money and they seem to lend themselves to processing video very well.

    So my questions are this. What video cards would you like to see in the systems? I like Nvidia and with CUDA and the ability to Parallel process (for this application the card has many cores, say 216 for example - if the program supports it that would be like having a 216 core CPU) but what do you prefer.

    I am going to put 3 HDDs in the systems - one for the OS and then two stripped for the video work - Is this what you would like to see.

    Finally do you want a dedicated capture card in there and what software would you like.

    I do not want to put Adobe stuff on there as it is expensive and can be too much for many people. I am not a fan of Pinnacle but I know many are.

    So please let me know your thoughts. It is not that we cannot build a system without help but I love to hear what the real users think of kit.

    Kind Regards


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    Something you didn't mention in your list of questions is a Solid state drive for the OS. I think this would be on my list.

    Is there any video editing software that can take advantage of CUDA ?

    As for the software option I think you are right to be weary of putting Pinnacle on the machine. I would have thought the only other options would be Sony Movie Maker range or Canopus Edius Neo if you can get licences for it. BUT if anyone was serious about video editing they would want to have the Pro versions and probably already have them so pre-loading video editing software may just be a waste of money software. Or would be better left as an option.

    The other important things to look out for with any build is the quality of the components, I'm not a hardware expert but I know this from my last build, if you choose the right parts it will last longer and give you less trouble, so it may be worth paying that little bit more for quality components.

    I hope this input is useful.

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    What a timely post you make Kriss.

    With the current talk of most video forums being the inability to edit in AVCHD, you'd be wise to capture a growing niche market by certifying systems as able to edit AVCHD.

    Here's a few pointers for you:
    • Load up copies of Vegas and Premiere (two of the leading prosumer editing applications) and drop some AVCHD files onto the time line
    • Let the consumer know:
      • whether the timeline plays without dropping frames (lags)
      • the time to export 1 min to AVCHD (match source to destination)
      • the time to export 1 min to MP4 (recommended youtube settings)
    • Let us know these resulst for each of the PCs in your range (including laptops)
    I'd be very interested to know the results. I'm about to buy a new laptop for editing (yes, some of us viditors use laptops!), and a prerequisite is that is HAS to be able to edit AVCHD in Premiere CS4. If it doesn't I'd have wasted 1.5k!

    So, what I want is:
    • A powerful laptop
    • No software - I've spent £1000s already on Adobe products and have no need for more
    • Assurance that it can run Premiere CS5 to its full advantage (this will need an nVidia GPU)
    • A medium sized drive - I have TBs of external space that I use to back up and store video. I only store what I need on my internal drive.
    • An HDMI connection
    Do you offer this?

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    Hi Marc

    I think we might do - we have two products that spring to mind (Mods I am not sure if I am allowed to link to products so please remove if I break the rules.)

    This is a true notebook - fully mobile and uses the mobile version of the Intel i7 processor, so in terms of performance these things are about the fastest notebooks you can buy.

    They run on Intel's latest Capella chipset and have full on-board RAID functionality. They come with the very latest Nvidia 285 GTXm graphics card as well as some really cool extras like back lit keys, Ultimate N the fastest version of 802.11n and a nice big 18.4" screen.

    You can also configure the HDDs to run a mix of Solid State and magnetic drives so you can keep within your budget.

    The x1ca Laptop @ Novatech

    The next two look like laptops but they fall into the category of DTR or Desktop Replacement. These are essentially desktop PCs in a notebook chassis. They run full on Intel i7 desktop CPUs with all the power of a PC. They use a mix of mobile hardware and desktop hardware and offer killer performance.

    They all have HDMI and Blu Ray as options and we are famous for offering software free laptops. You can buy a complete system naked of operating system or just windows installed and nothing else.

    The x90gtx Laptop @ Novatech

    The x90gtxpro Laptop @ Novatech

    Now the reason I have picked these is because they are used by many people including Industrial Sound & Light - the people that did the huge illuminated Coca Cola bottle in Taiwan.

    They are also used by a few TV companies - there was a challenge set by Capital FM to the band "The Feeling" where they had to shoot and edit a music video in a park in 8 hours from start to finish. It was all done on one of our rigs and the production company were so impressed they bought a batch of them. Fatboy Slim also has his lighting Engineer use one to control all the lighting rigs at his Party On The Beach at Brighton.

    These use the GTXm 280 cards but a lot of people prefer them as there is more software optimised for the cards.

    I hope this helps -

    Marc if you are serious about buying one - I will do you a discount if you want to buy one and try it out. If it does what you need it to and you can give us a review then you would have saved yourself a good few £££s and if it fails I will give you a full refund.

    Cannot say fairer than that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kpkpkp View Post
    Mods I am not sure if I am allowed to link to products so please remove if I break the rules.
    Links are welcome. We encourage firms to promote their products, so long as they are honest.

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    So is that the sort of thing you are looking for Marc?

    For the PC range I would say we are still in the testing process but the specs will be up on the site shortly.

    Kind regards


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    The first laptop (x1ca) is what I'm looking for. But, as ever with these things, that price is out of my budget. I know marketing peeps can wince at comparison, but a realistic comparison (albeit with reduced screen size) would be the Dell XPS 16. This starts at £1200, which after discounts is closer to £1100k. Spec list is:

    Intel® Core™ i7 Processor 820QM
    15.6" (inch) Truelife 1080p Full HD WLED Edge to Edge Display
    Windows® 7 Home Premium 64bit- English
    4096MB 1333MHz Dual Channel DDR3 SDRAM [2x2048]
    500GB (7,200rpm) Free Fall Sensor Hard Drive
    DVD +/- RW Drive
    1GB ATI® Radeon™ HD 4670 graphics card

    Now I know it's not really fair to compare (particularly the screen size), but I already edit on a 15.6 inch screen, which gives me the ultimate compromise over detail and space. Essentially, I'm looking for a laptop with the (second) fastest CPU (the best CPU is typically 3x the price of the second!), a large amount of RAM and ideally an nVidia chip. I don't need a Blu Ray drive, as again, I have external hardware to deal with that.

    Picky, aren't I?

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    Yea, I'd really love to be able to smoothly eidit AVCHD on a laptop, as my current laptop can do it but not smoothly. But 1, the price is like $1000 out of my budget.

    If I was sure I could edited AVCHD smoothly I might even break the bank for the 3rd system, but me being in the US and the company in the UK (I think), warranty issue regarding getting in home services and/or shipping my system back becomes a MAJOR concern.

    I hate having to switch to a desktop with a name like BryanOnALaptop

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