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Thread: How do I incorperate GE video into my clips?

  1. Default How do I incorperate GE video into my clips?

    As I posted in an earlier thread, my search enginr is kind of hi-jacked at the moment. So I thought Id ask here. How do I incorperate GE into my video clips or PP presentations? Any links or tutorials would be awsome. Thanx!!

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    You mean the entire General Electric conglomerate!

    You may want to explain as to exactly what you are referring when you say, "GE." Might get more answers. Just sayin'

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    LoL, My bad. Google Earth is to what I was referring. How can I say, make a vacation video that includes video clips & images as well as Google Earth fly bys and fly toos!

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    Video clips and images are easy as any average video editing software will allow you to simply drag these onto the timeline of the editor then adjust as you like.
    Google Earth stuff is a little more roundabout as it is not video... yet

    To capture from GE (ok we know which one we are talking about now) you need a program that can capture what is happening on the computer screen as it is happening. Go to CamStudio - Free Screen Recording Software and download this program for free. It can capture what you are doing in Google Earth as it happens. It may take a few goes to get it right.

    Once you have a capture of the GE motion then you can just treat it like any other video.

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