I recently upgraded from premier 1.5 pro to premier CS4 pro.
I encountered something extremly strange: after importing a video file (.wmv), premier is conforming the file. however, once it finishes, it does it over and over.
Sometimes it stops and I start rendering, but then it starts again and the rendering is gone.
It looks to me that when premier is not conforming, moving to another window and back to premier causes it to re-conform (not sure).
First time I used CS4, I realized that the scratch disk was full. I changed the scratch disk location and worked on a project which worked perfect.
Now the scatch disk has over 500 GB free but I encounter this issue again (BTW, the disk is not a removable one).
I tried deleting all the conformed files (ever) and it still did not help.
I also looked into the project file on the "ConformedAudioPath" and the path to the file is correct.
Another strange thing I see is that every time premier conforms a file, the modification date of this file is updated.
My project is PAL-DV.
I'm running windows XP.
Appreciate your kind help,
Best regards,