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Thread: Taking photos in Schools

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    Default Taking photos in Schools

    I know this is something that raises its head every now again. Whilst researching for Data Protection issues, I found this useful piece of information re: taking photos or videos in school (for example school plays etc).

    The Data Protection Act is unlikely to apply in many cases where photographs are taken in schools and other educational institutions. Fear of breaching the provisions of the Act should not be wrongly used to stop people taking photographs or videos which provide many with much pleasure.

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    It does seem to me that a lot of people believe in laws and regulations which don't exist and it's good that officials are trying to dispel these myths. I'm sure that lot of this is fallout from the paedophile mania of a few years ago whereby the tabloids tried to make every photographer and videographer into a closet pornographer.

    Since it's now been shown that those most guilty were the so-called pillars of society, maybe the gutter press will get off our case now.

    It does seem outrageous that parents can't collect memories of their childrens' development without feeling that they're doing something dirty and that possession of a camcorder puts one immediately into the "suspicious" category. I think that, if "they" want to protect children, then vetting everyone who has dealings with children is a good idea. It's a bit of a pain to do but ultimately reassures parents that their kids aren't in contact with known offenders but... How do we convince the great unwashed that pointing a camcorder does not automatically mean that we're up to no good?

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    My daughters school must be pretty progressive as I've never had a problem with photos or video at sports day, school plays etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Midnight Blue View Post
    My daughters school must be pretty progressive as I've never had a problem with photos or video at sports day, school plays etc.
    Same experience here, Midnight. I was astounded that at my daughter's nativity play (well Christmas story/party) you couldn't see the kids for camcorders and cameras.

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