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    Lightbulb Game- ready model shops

    I'm making a list of game-ready model shops, if you know another ones please tell me ^^ here's what I've found so far:
    (alphabetically sorted)

    (fantasy characters - animals - monters) - <they have just updated new monsters and characters>
    3dbud - Real-time 3D models: 3D Characters 3D worlds 3D Demos

    (fantasy - scifi characters - animals - monters) <new zombie pack>
    3DRT - Buy 3D models: game-ready lowpoly 3d characters, vehicles, levels, game packs

    (game objects)
    Adenfall Software

    (game objects)

    (fantasy - scifi characters)
    (fantasy - scifi characters)
    ::Cubix Studio::
    (game objects - fantasy - scifi characters) <new cool fantasy characters>
    Dexsoft Multimedia, game models, game-ready, low-poly models, textures and music
    (game objects - fantasy - scifi characters) <mmorpg character pack>
    Game development resources, 3D models & content packs
    (game objects - fantasy - scifi characters)
    GameBeep - Textures, Models, and Sprites for Game Developers
    (game objects - game levels) : Buy and sell low-poly 3d model for game (3d game levels, 3d plants, 3d buildings, 3d architects, 3d cars, 3d weapons, 3d characters).

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    And this is here because...

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    Quote Originally Posted by sspeiper View Post
    And this is here because...

    ...He is too thick to read the bit which says "cinematography".and "This is the place to be for all the non-techie solutions"

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