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Thread: How do I speed my PC back up?

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    Arrow How do I speed my PC back up?

    What programs/methods do you guys use to clean up your pc?

    All I ever do is defrag, erase useless files/programs and clean out the internet explorer(which I rarely use). I just want it to run somewhere close to when it was new(2yrs old), not expecting better. My hard drive space is about 89gb free out of 180gb and I mainly run my Sony Vegas projects out of external hard drives. I'm using Windows XP. What are things you guys do?

    My main thing is that pictures and folders are taking a while to open.
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    Try using something like KillWin or EndItAll to disable all non-essential processes. If you do this however it is important to physically disable your internet connection, as this will involve disabling anti-virus and anti-spyware apps. You can also use Task Manager to assign a higher priority to your editing software. Hope this helps !

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    I think this is a good question. By far the most successful way is to reformat the HD and put a clean installation of the OS. However this can be a real pain in the butt to do.

    Some tips I've found useful are keeping the number of installed programs down to a minimum. Another one not commonly known is to keep the number of installed fonts as low as is practical. When you have have cleared away all the rubbish off the HD, use a program to clean out the system registry. Then do regular defrags. This is important for video editors due to the size of the files sizes involved with video. I would recommend a defrag every week. Because my HD is about 75% full I sometimes have to do it more often. Never let your HD get over 75% full. The HD does not function as effectivly when it's to full.

    Even going through all this I don't think you will still get it running as good as new because of all the "Windows Updates" and "Security Updates" over the years.

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