Good Evening All.

Well this is my first post, and I hope some of you out there will be able to assist me.


Work in the aviation industry producing lesson learning and CBT Packages for new controllers.

Problem requiring a solution

Some of the lesson learning material is screen captured using TechSmith Camtasia with the TSSC codec (Windows), although due to me doing more work with AVCHD my current Windows equipment couldn't cope therefore work bought me an Apple iMac.

TechSmith have Camtasia for MAC with an TechSmith Ensharpen codec. Anyhow, I capture the screen using Camtasia for Windows, (unfortunately underlying system I use to capture the content is not MAC compatible) extract the Camrec file to produce an *avi file. Transfer this to the MAC and import it into Camtasia for MAC - I then have to render it to enable it to be imported into Adobe Premiere CS4 (MAC Version) as PPCS4 does not recognise the TSSC codec, what would be the best export settings for this?

From Camtasia Windows - I have tried numerous settings even uncompressed, but the file sizes are ridiculous - although just thought I could export as QuickTime on Windows PC to take straight to MAC...couldn't I?

Upon that stage being completed, i then import into Premiere Pro CS4, any ideas what the best default setting for the project would be, I can only assume it all depends on the original render within Camtasia?

Once the file has been imported into Premiere, and tinkered with, what would then be a relatively small file size, without negating quality export setting to use, based on the fact that this will then have to be viewed on Windows machines that don't have QuickTime installed (although still in discussion with our Information Solutions area to get the codec/player added).

I hope this is readable and easy to understand. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks