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Thread: Can someone help me with a project?

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    Default Can someone help me with a project?

    I am trying to figure out what I need to achieve my objective, but I donít really know where to look.

    I am hoping you would at least have some leads for me to check out.

    Hereís what I want to do.

    I live in Vermont where we have many small cafes and restaurants that employ small local talent for entertainment at night. These are places hat hold maybe 25 people when full and might have an acoustic duo performing. No amplifiers, no mics, no special lighting, just a guy and a girl sitting in chairs playing the guitar and singing.

    We want to install some decent webcams or IP cameras that have some movement control. (I know Logitech makes a decent webcam that you can control the pan, tilt and zoom on).

    Letís say 3 video cams preset in good locations for where the artists will be sitting. We would set up some mics to pick up a constant stream of audio that is not attached to any camera so that the sound does not vary from camera to camera.

    So that part is pretty easy. We have 3 good camera angles all with cameras that we have some degree of control over as far as Pan/Tilt and Zoom and an audio stream.

    Now for the hard part. We want to be able to control all of this from a remote location in someoneís home through the internet.

    I want to e able to sit in front of a computer and receive the audio stream as well as the images from all three cameras on the computer. I want to be able to choose the camera angle I like best, and fade to that one while I watch the other two in cue. I want to be able to zoom, pan or tilt the other cameras until I get just the right shot and then fade over to that shot when Iím ready. Basically a mini computer video mixing studio.

    Then I want to be able to take the live mixed output and stream it live to our website.

    Am I expecting too much?

    Will this be too cost prohibitive?

    Where would you start in looking for information on how to do this sort of thing?

    By the way, we also want to duplicate this in several locations and have multiple mixing stations all going at the same time. I am a bit concerned about bandwidth for all this as well.

    Any ideas?

    Thank you so much for your time and consideration,

    Bob Robertson

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    Sounds quite ambitiouse to me. I did a quick search on Google for mixing live video mixing software. So you can start there.

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