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Thread: OK.. My Second Video Ever..

  1. Default OK.. My Second Video Ever..

    I took some of your guys thoughts into making this video.. The artist is actually myself too this time, so had to film it too.

    Let me know what you think

    [ame=]YouTube - Foz Tee - Look So Good (Official Video)[/ame]

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    I quite liked that Foztee, I thought you cut it quite well. I liked the tune also. It could do with more varied shots perhaps but I thought it was well put together.

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    Well this is a strange one, I watched your video 3 times & each time at the end I thought why have I watched this?
    So I ended up watching it again to find out why!
    Now it could have been because it's a really strong song
    or it could have been because you're a good looking guy
    or it could have just been because I couldnt work out why I'd just watched it all the way thru & had to watch it again to find out why!!!!
    Whichever it was you must be doing something right.
    I would never have dreamed of making a video composed solely of all those odd close ups. It was unusual & it shouldnt have worked, but it did.
    The weakest bit I felt was the first 50 seconds where the constant cutting from one close up to another cropped close up was a bit headache inducing.
    My biggest tip is you should smile more. That song is aimed at girls right, not guys? Guys might want you to look tough but girls want you to smile, & when you did finally it was like the sun coming out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sarah & Allison View Post
    It was unusual & it shouldnt have worked, but it did.
    Not for me it didn't. For almost exactly the same reasons that it worked for Allison
    I kept watching after the first few seconds because it was clearly well shot and a lot of thought had gone into it and I thought there must be a reason to it.

    The cuts in and out to the slightly closer/wider shots were quite original (we see this often as a series of close/closer/even closer but the difference is usually a bit greater) and I'm still not sure about those, but unfortunately there were a few in there which were cuts to very similar but different shots - immediately giving a look of jump cuts.

    In the end I'm afraid I found those cuts annoying - especcially with the sugary sweet music and I bailed before Allison's 50 sec mark.

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    I found you did a good job of exposing the video and capturing yourself very well.

    The cuts to me were jarring, and looked like someone playing around with their webcam talking to someone. Once it got into the dissolves once you put your shirt on, I felt that was even more distracting, which took away from the overall visuals.

    Overall, solid I'd say, but try not to make so jarring. And it's hard to keep someone's interest in a music video if the entire thing is just someone's face, unless you're doing something over the top creative with just that face.


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