Hi all,

I'm new to this forum but I am running into some serious problems and would like to ask for some help.

I am editing footage from 3 cameras, one Canon 5d Mark ii, one Sony EXF and one Canon 7d.

The problems I have run into are as follows, When I import the raw footage from the 5d into Adobe premier, I interpret the footage from 30 fps to 25 fps, Then I sync the audio from the SONY EXF camera with the footage from the 5d, however the footage slows down over time, so i have to speed it up to 120% to keep the footage in time with the audio.

Premier becomes very slow and live previewing the video becomes laggy and uneditable.

At first, Media encoder wouldn't even let me encode anything, now it does (since installing Final Cut Express for some reason) however the audio and video is not syncronised in the final render. (rendering out to h.264, mp4 format).

Here are my specs of the mac

12gb Ram
2 x 512 ddr 3 Geforce Graphics cards
Mac OS X V 10.6.2

I sat editing alot of footage only to find at the end that some of it was out of time. At first, I was importing the project from Premier into Adobe After effects to render it there, but each time I did that, with every project, at least one of the footage clips would be completely black, so AE was a no go in the end. But now the media encoder works, but the audio is not syncronised.