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Thread: Creating rock band lighting in Vegas

  1. Default Creating rock band lighting in Vegas

    So we want to create typical rock band stage lighting.
    We thought we'd buy a couple of Par cans with coloured filters & start there but opinion was divided as to whether it would work in the small space we film in & with a green screen.
    So we've tried to recreate it using the lighting effects in Vegas Pro9.
    Has anyone done anything like this?
    We've had some success with the Rays, Light Rays, Glint & Glow effects in creating spots & floods but cant seem to create the heavy colour outline/ colouring effect when someone is illuminated by a spot/flood.
    The best effect we've achieved has also turned Allison's face bright blue
    If anyone's got any ideas we'd be excited to hear them!

    Sarah & Allison & Tina

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    I wish you would find an old warehouse to film in. Ok a couple of ideas off top of my head.

    One idea is to cut out some tin foil circles and stick them onto the green screen. Add a glow and then light rays. Colour the light rays as needed.

    Another light FX, which looks like down lights off camera, is to copy a clip and place it on the track above. Add a cookie cutter FX to this new clip with an arrow head upside down shape. Position the arrowhead so it looks like two spots shining from above pointing to a centre point. Add a colour FX of your choice (tip be subtle with the colour) and reduce the opacity to something below 50%. This FX works best with a dark background.

    A similar one to this is add a shaped solid colour media to look like light rays. with the right feathering and transparency setting it could work.

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    Might it be possible to point to an example of the required effect?

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    Thanks Midnight, can always rely on you for a quick response!
    The idea of the shaped solid colour media worked best but didnt solve our desire for the spotlight to just illuminate someone's side.
    Let's show you what we mean:

    Thanks Tim A for your interest.
    Our favourite girl rock band for years now have been the Donnas. We tried to find some live footage of them but instead turned up this 11 year old girl band - Cherri Bomb doing a Blue Oyster Cult cover.
    [ame=]YouTube - Cherri Bomb (formerly RedShadow) at the Roxy - Godzilla - 11 year old all girl ROCK BAND[/ame]
    Notice how the side of the guitarists hair is green while her body is blue before the drunk takes over.
    That is what we want to create with Vegas.

    Sarah & Allison & Tina

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    Just put a coloured light bulb in a small lamp and shine it to the side of the talent. A directional lamp would be best. This way you will not affect the green screen except if you use a green light bulb. Then use a different colour on the other side. Reduce the intensity of the front key light with a diffuser or move it further back. I use baking parchment because it can cope with the heat.

    I can't think of another way of doing it. Attempting it in post I fear will just bring disappointment. There may be some sort of plug-in/FX but I'm not aware of one and that's not my style. My motto is, if you know you have to fix it in post, you know it's already broken.
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    Gotta go with what Midnight said.

    The best effects (and the easiest) is to set the lighting as you're filming. Granted, green is going to be difficult if you're chromakeying and using green as your background but placing filters in front of lights has the advantage that you can see what's happening through the viewfinder.

    I don't know if you got my PM but the offer still stands. I'll send you various coloured gels which you can put in front of your lights to see what happens. Par cans are the cheapest decent form of lighting and are ideal for what you want. You can pick up a par 56 with a 300w bulb for 20 and it'll last you for decades. If you don't want to go to that expense, gels in front of domestic lights will do the job, just not as well.

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    This is getting confusing. We abandoned the par cans idea because paulears opinion in our original thread was that they would be unusable in our lounge.

    I guess we are going to have to buy one & experiment, but there again we've had different opinions as to whether a spot or a medium flood would be best.
    We use quite a lot of light when we film & I cant see a coloured light bulb having much effect Midnight, but again maybe we need to try it.
    Thanks for the PM & the offer Gaffer, we've only just discovered it today.
    Will get back to you with what we decide to do.

    Sarah & Allison & Tina

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    With all due respect to Paulears, that's only his opinion, others including midnight and myself have other opinions.

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    I recently fiddled with footage of 4 players in a room; to make it look like they were playing on a live stage. I am sure it would have been to use real lights (subject to PaulEars warning about the generated heat).

    In my rather amateurish opinion, I thought the results were quite good; using similar effects to those tried by S&A. Albeit that Adobe's "After Effects" is rather good at handling such things - I found that the results worked best when the subject did not move position or orientation.
    For example, multicoloured hair (arising from 2 fake coloured lights) looked convincing; until the talent walked around or turned their head. When that happened; the effect was less convincing (as the brain tries to work out why the colours and shadows were not moving natrually.
    It is, of course, in post-production, easy to make fast, syncronised changes in lighting. Something which is not possible when only using 2 lights to emulate a huge lighting rig.

    I have huge respect for the more learned opinions in this subject; but I would be inclined to plan to use both 'real lights' and 'post production effects'.

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    Many thanks everyone for all the information & opinions.
    We've bought a medium flood Par 56 that comes with some gels & got some barn doors to control it. We'll see how we fare, before we buy another.
    I cant wait to go pink one side & blue the other!


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