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Thread: Recreating this style (link inside)

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    Default Recreating this style (link inside)

    I want to try and recreate this but with a few of different techniques aswel but that bit i'm alright with.
    Anyway what do you think the best way to shoot like this would be?


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    What specifically do you want to recreate. Is it the jerkiness and time laps feel ? What editing program do you use ?

    What a horrible video.

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    I have a feeling that he's just trying to get hits on his youtube channel.

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    Firstly, I don't have a youtube channel so your feeling is redundant.
    Secondly, sorry i've just noticed I linked the wrong video ha. It'll teach me to check links!

    YouTube - TheRealRhymesayers's Channel

    That should be the right one now. So right I should probably ellaborate I posted in a bit of a rush before. I understand how it's done and i have a lighting kit and access to a small studio and a few smoke machines. But alas when I try to recreate it the smoke becomes more prominent than the actors. Also i know that it is digitally added in this link but this was the closest i found to what i was looking for.
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    You say in your post you have access to a small studio. Are you using to much smoke, you don't need very much smoke to get the effect in that video. Which did not look to be digitally added to me. You do need a black background to shoot against. OR a very big space otherwise your key light could illuminate to much of the back ground. AND make sure the spots illuminating the smoke are behind the talent ie back lights.

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    Having done this type of thing in still work I can tell you Midnight is right, just a little smoke is all you need. Too much and your spots will flood out.. The only thing that could have been added digitally was the flare but its not, it looks like flare from a anamorphic lens adapter..

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