I wish to purchase a laptop which is compatible with the other Sony products I own. I would also like the best laptop with the largest screen, blu ray RW, Full HD. I currently own:
(1)Sony High Definition handycam...flash memory (AVCHD) HDR-CX505VE
(2)Sony High Definition handycam on hard disk drive (AVCHD) HDR-XR550VE
(3)Sony video editing Vegas pro 9 506.90
(4)Sony Vegas Movie editing Studio Platinum Pro Pack 93.90
I use these Sony products to edit large High Definition (AVCHD) video with lots of editing and effects, 30 minutes long. I'm looking for a laptop which meets the system requirements with my two Vegas Movie Editing Software's and it is compatible with my two Sony handycams (HD).
I have been looking at the Sony VAIO AW series VGN-AW31XY/Q and was wondering if this would do, even though it has been discontinued? But a shop in London has one left. I already have a desktop computer which works fine with my Sony High Definition Handycams and editing software, but I really need a laptop for editing as well.
Please help

Best regards
Ps I know lots about editing but not system requirements and specifications