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Thread: Video8 (8mm) Question (Sony GV-D200)

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    Default Video8 (8mm) Question (Sony GV-D200)

    Please click the links to see the products to know what I'm talking about.

    Hi I have alot 8mm analog tapes that I want to transfer to my computer, I know how to do it and I've done it with my newer tapes cause I still had my camcorder.

    The problem is, I live in denmark and the Sony GV-D200 on every danish / europe site is extremely expensive up to $1345while I see on eBay and Amazon that it goes for less than $500, some sites don't ship International some does, I want to know if I buy one from the US will it be able to playback PAL 8mm analog tapes on my widescreen tv? I had a really old camcorder, it gave me widescreen picture on the tv however it was bad, color disappeared sometimes waves all over the place, and the Sound was completely gone.

    I have read that 8mm analog tapes are NTSC and PAL format all in one is that true? I want to make sure everything is correct before I purchase it due to the shipping is insane

    Last question, is the
    Sony GV-D200E the EU version and the Sony GV-D200 US version? If not, please enlighten me.

    As you can see on the GV-D200E model it specificly says

    • Media Format Video8 ( PAL ) , Hi8

    While on other sites it with the GV-D200 model it just says Media Format: NTSC

    If you by any means know a cheaper yet great 8mm analog casette camcorder or player, feel free to show me, remember I'm from denmark.

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    I am not sure what you mean by "NTSC and PAL format all in one" about 8mm analog tapes. The recording is different because NTSC uses 60 frames per second vs 50 frames with PAL, plus the number of scan lines per frame is also different. Perhaps you were thinking of the fact that some SONY models can be switched between PAL and NTSC in their firmware as the hardware is capable of both formats, but once a tape is recorded it is one or the other.

    I am very interested in what you find out about the Sony GV-D200 as I have a box full of PAL Hi8 tapes that did not make it into the digital age before the Hi8 camera died :-(

    Therefore I am now looking for a Digital8 camcorder or tape deck that will allow me to copy the videos to either DVD or a hard disk, without spending a fortune for what is likely to remain a one time project.

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