I do a lot of work with game (as in videogame) promos. I capture most of the video using this: http://www.amazon.com/Hauppauge-1212...rder/dp/B0018L...

Currently for my workflow I have an Intel X25 SSD for my OS install where I have all my video editing software installed. Then I just have a separate internal hard drive that I capture the video on and edit it from.

I do get some frame drops and whatnot when recording, so I'm looking to upgrade and set up a raid array for my capture and to edit from.

I'd like to be able to hold a lot of footage so I'm thinking Raid-5 with 2tb drives. I'm looking for a good Raid-5 enclosure that can hold three to five drives at least and give me decent recording ability without dropping frames, and will be fast to edit from.

Also, I'm still a bit confused on how this all works. Do I need the enclosure and then also a Raid card, and does the Raid card go in the computer? My motherboard has an eSata port on it, but is that only for software raid?

Note that video editing is just a hobby/side-job of mine, and not my primary source of income. So those $1500+ pre-built solutions are out.