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    Default Important please read!!

    Look, we're have a website with amateur videos, and I mean amateur... We are getting better but seriously, we have major trouble with the site, We just can't get any members and we don't want to make more if no one is going to watch them, although both of them were also school assignments... Look if anyone is interested please got to this website TheCaublasians - Home Also, please join and visit the competitions page... We need help, thank you! (maybe)

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    OK I don't know how serious this post is - whether it's just an attemp at getting hits or a genuine question about how to get more members for a website. But I'll take it seriously - mainly because you're 14 and don't perhaps understand how the real world works.

    1. You've posted in a section devoted to "Pre-Production". This is nothing to do with pre-production. This means two things. (1) People who might be interested in helping out with your website probably won't be looking here (2) People who are looking here for pre-production type questions/discussions will be annoyed to find posts which have nothing to do with pre-production.

    2. If you want people to become "members" of your website you have to (1) make it clear what your website is about (2) give them a reason to want to become members. I could not see what the site was about - it seemed to be just a place where you show you videos. I didn't see what I'd get from joining.

    3. Even if you convince people they want to join, you need to be offering something which is different form or better than the millions of other websites out there.

    4. "Build it and they will come" is most definitely not a truth with websites. Even if you had all the above in place you need to work hard to promote it.

    5, If you're going to put links on the home page to videos at leats make sure the videos are of an acceptable quality. Your embarrasing moments was totally unintelligible. The sound was dreadful and made even worse by extremely bad attempts at software noise reduction.

    This may be harsh - but there are millions of websites competing for our attention. You have to ask yourself "How can I make mine the one in several million that people will want to visit?"

    PS if your primary objective is to get people to see your videos, forget your website. Post them on YouTube or Vimeo and join as many amateur video forums/websites as you can (such as this one) and post links. However only post one link per video per forum or you will be seen as a spammer and most likely banned. On this site, if you want feedback(which I suggest you should) post in the user videos section. If you're posting just for fun, then post in the "Just for Fun" section.

    Simple innit?
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    yea thanks, I know the embarrasing moments sound weird but it is because the person doing the commenatary didnt want people to know he was doing it... It's an assignment after all... THe other stuff made a lot of sense... I guess im not very smart when it comes to that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caublasian View Post
    THe other stuff made a lot of sense... I guess im not very smart when it comes to that.
    Seem's to me you're smart enough to ask, and that'll get you much further in life than thinking you know it all.
    Good luck with the assignment.

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