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Thread: Best file type to render as.

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    Default Best file type to render as.

    Im having a few problems but I'll start with the basics first. Which file type will give my final product the absolute best quality in both picture and sound. It gives me lots of options but I'm not sure which one is best.

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    This depends on one thing and one thing only. How is it going to be played?

    OK potentially two things how is it going to be played and what is the source material (pointless rendering as HD if the source is SD - or am I wrong?)

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    The final thing will be played on DVD, but I'll be uploading it to youtube. Is there a different file type I should render as if im just going to save it as a file on my hardrive?

    But yes it will be played on DVD.

    Source material is off a miniDV tape. Not HD.

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    OK that makes it pretty easy.
    Make sure your project settings are the same as your source footage for starters.
    Render you finished film as avi (which should be the same as your source footage). As this is identical to your source footage you will have absolutely no loss in quality. Indeed, if your edit consists of no more than cuts, the thing will whizz through stating "No recompression required"

    So now you have the best possible quality finished film.

    Bring this into a new project for your DVD.
    Render this as Mpeg-2 Unisn the MainConcept codec, select the DVD Architect (NTSC/PAL and DV or Widescreen DV template depending on whether you are NTSC or PAll and widescreen or not) and render as "<my filename>.mpg". This will produce a video ONLY file.
    Now render it again as and AC3 file and call it "<my filename>.ac3". It's important that "my filename" is exactly the same in both cases and resides in the same folder.

    Now when you come to use DVD Architect, insert the video file and the audio will be automatically associated with it.

    As for how to render for YouTube, theres a very long thread about this on this very forum. Use you avi as input to that.

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