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Thread: Seperate Audio / Microphone system ?

  1. Default Seperate Audio / Microphone system ?

    Sorry if this has been covered, the Broadband seems so slow today and its taking ages to browse, so feel free to link to another thread of there is one

    We do quite a bit of interviewing and general pieces in front of the camera for Motorsport events, and wanted to try and seperate the microphone from the camera

    Its only a Sony VX2100 , so the audio isnt great, with just a Jack plug input, so i figured looking towards a seperate recorder / microphone set up for the presenter to carry themselves, and put the 2 together afterwards

    It also means that it can be used with any of the other camera guys if needed, or event to record voiceovers on location if needed.

    What options are there for this kind of system ? ie recoreder options, what do people use ? microphone options etc

    Thanks in advance

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    The Zoom H4n is a very good all round digital recorder. It's feature rich and excellent quality and good value for money. around 300.

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    Cheers for that

    Any recomendations on a microphone ?

    Something hand held to put in front of the person being interviewed etc

    ( sorry, not very good at the audio side of things ! )

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    I'm a bit clueless on mics my self. I would have thought you would need something very directional so as not to pick up the pit lane, engine noise etc. I'd check out the BBC F1 coverage and see if you can spot what they use.

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