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Thread: Need to split and edit 60fps .mp4

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    Default Need to split and edit 60fps .mp4

    Hi everyone,

    I have trawled the net for quite a few hours now, and have decided to ask for help.

    I bought myself a gopro HD surf camera, which outputs to .mp4 at 60fps at 720p (well the settings i prefer anyhow).
    I usually let it run the whole time i surf, so i end up with a 3-4 gig file with a lot of me sitting in the water doing nothing.

    What i would like to do it find a program that can grab the sections from the video that i want to keep, and turn them into seperate files. I would really like it if the program didn't re-encode, but rather kept the native 60fps 720p .mp4. I've downloaded tons of shareware but haven't found anything that can do it.
    Imtoo HD converter is close, but only splits into size or time, and doesn't actually let me grab a small section of the video.

    I will need an editing program too, as pinnacle studio 14 doesn't seem to export to 60fps either. I would like to slow down some of the 60fps footage so it's in a smooth slo mo.... pinnacle doesn't want to do it for some reason.

    Any help would be appreciated.
    Thank you.

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    All good. Sorted it out.

    If anyone else is having this problem:

    I extract the clips without re-rendering using MPEGStreamclip. I then convert them to an uncompressed .Mov using the same program with AVID Codecs LE 2.1 (This creates a huge file, but with the 60fps i need and no quality loss).

    Then i edit with sony vegas 9. Once completed, i save using the previous codec at 60fps.

    I then use IMTOO video converter to convert back to the H.264 i had to begin with.

    Hope this saves someone else the few nights of frustration it cost me

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