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Thread: Green and Bluescreen Technology

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    Default Green and Bluescreen Technology

    I'm fairly new to video editing so does any know where on the 'net

    green and bluescreen technology is explained and what equipment is


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    Google maybe? I had a go at doing it a while ago, and decided that i didn't have enough space or lighting to make it worthwhile. I think the best thing is to get a large blue sheet (fairly light blue) and hang it outside on a washing line on a day with no wind and lots of sun. That's what they used in "the world is not enough" for the scene where they escaped from the blowing up nuclear silo or whatever it was. looks quite good.
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    I "successfully" used bluescreening on this video here.

    All we used was a huge blue sheet using material bought from a fabric shop and a load of worklights bought from B&Q which we bounced off the walls, and although it's a little crude and you can see fringing, you should get a better idea with a brighter colour blue, better lighting, a better camera, and a bit more fiddling.

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