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Thread: Green Screen/3d issue

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    Default Green Screen/3d issue

    Ok, so let me try and describe exactly what I'm wanting to do. Essentially, I'm trying to make screens with video in each one respectively, but I'm also doing this as an animation kind of thing.

    Ok, in the video, I have certain objects (screens) that are green. What I wanna do is have video in those specific areas. Now, I know I could use track motion, but it seems like the track motion doesn't quite follow as fast as I want it to. So, what I'm wondering is, is there anyway to overlay video specifically onto a green area/green screen? In short, I'm trying to make virtual 3d televisions.

    I'm using Vegas 7, btw.

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    Default tracking or other 3D package?

    I know that after effects has tracking built in now, (but that doesn't really help you since you are in vegas). Speaking from experience, it is pretty difficult to do a tracking matte even in AE.

    What I might suggest would be to create the 3d object in a more robust 3d program (it looks like you are using sketchup or something like that now). You could try using 3D studio max (which has a free trial) or lightwave 3D. Both of these programs allow for animated textures to be applied to objects, which would allow you to render the files with your animations on the pillars like you have.

    Hope this helps,


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    One word - Boujou 5.0

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