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Thread: new lens wanted

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    Default new lens wanted

    hi, does anyone know any decent places in UK that have a website where i could get a new fisheye lens from?

    and any recommendations of which lens is good?
    has to fit Sony DCR-HC85E 37mm lens

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    I use a raynox wide-angle, I've got a couple of 0.3x's and a 0.5x, they cost about 27 each.
    You can get them from a Jessops shop, or

    They just snap-on, which can be annoying because they can work themselves loose, but it doesn't happen very often, they're also really tough, one of mine got run-over and left outside all night and it still works ok, although with a big scratch on it.

    I'd go for the 0.3x for skating, that's the same sort of effect as a century "death" lens.
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