I would really appreciate some advice, I'm fairly new to digital filming and I'm having problems with the results I'm getting from my sony HVR Z1. I'm filming on the preset picture profile mode which is the setting for the 'film' look on the camera, I am filming HDV and putting the image onto my computer via a firewire cable (and not downconverting it in the process) and using Adobe premiere pro to edit. It's saying that during capture I'm dropping zero frames.
So far so good.When I come to review in adobe, if I zoom the image (even just to fit full screen) it becomes quite blurred and fuzzy.
The computer I'm using to edit, has a 3.1ghz dual core processor, 4gb ram and can happily handle the playback which in itself is very smooth, so I think the computer has enough balls.
I've played the camera straight from the tape into a huge LCD TV with superb results, so I don't think the camera itself is at fault.If I was to try and get a section of the picture that large on my monitor the image on the computer screen would be so pixellated it would literally look like the people were made out of lego!
The only bit of gear which I can think of which could be letting me down is the graphics card, it is a bog standard one that came with the motherboard, could this be why the picture is so terrible when viewed on the computer monitor?

Could I capture a piece of test film to burn on a dvd, so I could view it on a standard dvd player on my living room TV, or would the fact that i've burned the disc on the pc with the naff graphics card mean that the test dvd would also be awful quality when played back on standard household dvd player? In other words is the graphics card only used for the playback of images on a computer monitor is it somehow integral to be burning of dvd's from HDV video stored on my hard drive?

If I was able to make this test dvd, I could pinpoint the problem straightaway (if the problem is the graphics card).

Any help would be gratefully appreciated.
Thanks very much.