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Thread: Titanic fan video !

  1. Smile Titanic fan video !

    Hi !

    I made a Titanic fan video. Music by Within Temptation. A lovely song called


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    Another nice montage Lizzy but watch out for those fades obscuring the incoming picture or in some cases the out going picture coming back in again.

    There was some loverly little touches for example the change in light on her face at 2:54, spot on with the music. It's these little attentions to detail that makes all the difference, often not consciously noticed by the novice viewer.

    You've post quite a few videos now but never taken any other part in the forum. With your eye I'm sure you could comment on peoples videos. AND I don't just mean saying that was nice.

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    Hi Midnight Blue !

    Thanks for you comments! will try to fix those fades...when you edit the video to follow the song it is difficult to avoid fading. When there is a strong beat, the cuts can be made to the beat without any fading.
    I did actually comment on a few fan videos but there are not that many posted. I don't feel qualified to comment on other videos. I can only imagine the difficulty in doing them


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    You are just as qualified to comment on other peoples videos as I am.

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    OK! I will try comment a few videos. /Lizzy

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    Lizzy. I've said this many times before. You may have no experience at all in filming original material, but that doesn't matter. You've tons of experience of watching films (even if they're limited to BBC costume drama adaptations ). This means you are highly qualified to comment on others' films.

    You don't need to qualify what you say in technical terms or offer solutions in order to point out something that didn't work or did work for you.

    So please comment away - I find commenting on others films teaches me nearly as much about my own filmmaking as others' comments.


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