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Thread: need help firewire not working

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    Default need help firewire not working

    i cant capture from my camcorder. when i plug the firewire into the camera on the camera screen i says iLink dv but the compter does not reconise the camcorder is even pluged in.

    i have 2 of the same model cams and one works with the same lead etc but at the moment that camcorder has also broke...please check my other post if you know about dv tapes not retracting into the camera.

    any help would be much appreciated


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    Providing everything is physically ok the only thing I can think of is if your system is a few years old you may need to install a driver for the camera. This is clutching at straws. As I'm not an expert.


    I would recommend taking your other camera to be fixed by a pro. I don't know how much it would cost.

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    Default thanks

    thanks but i have two of the same model camcorders and one captures fine but the other does not. so it must be to do with the camcorder. the strange thing is that the camcorder reconises the firewire is pluged in as its says iLink on the lcd screen. as for the other camcorder i've contacted some pro repairs and so far been quoted 141... dont know if thats good or a rip off.
    im guessing i'll have to get a new firewire port in the camcorder and from checking others online its going to cost around 250!

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    Check ALL of the menus in the camcorder. There is a setting in many that tells the camera where to send the video on playback. Fire wire, video out, USB, many choices on some cameras and if yours is set wrong that will have the effect of the problem you are having. Look through the manual also.

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