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    Smile ---New Video Series: Weekend Mechanic!---

    This is a new video series called the Weekend Mechanic! This is a how-to video series that will show people a basic step-by-step process on how to maintain, fix and install accessories to a vehicle. With expert video editing! The show is supposed to be serious with a little humor added to it. Meaning that the show mainly is just an overview of how to install something and you would know what work would be required for how to install something. The first video had some humor, but we are trying to make the videos with some lighter humor to be more serious. We try to upload a new video a couple times a month in a season and we just got started. There a few videos uploaded now and here is one of them, there are more on the channel! Let us know what you think and please rate, comment and subscribe!

    Here is the link:

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    A few comments which immediately struck me.

    1. I quite like the overall style. I found it refreshing in that it was aimed at the ordinary man rather than at petrolheads.

    2. The titles were good without being over the top or lasting too long.

    3. There were plenty of good ideas and mixes of shots. (eg the car pulls up and we see the driver who starts talking to camera - simple, but nicely done)

    4. The sound was dreadful, partially down to the recording and partially down to the presenters speaking far too fast. I struggled to understand much of what was being said and totally failed in some cases. Get tie clip mics or someone to hold a boom and the presenters (especially the first gut to speak) to slow down and speak more clearly.

    5. I hate overuse of zoom, but here when you're zooming in from a wide angle of what's under the bonnet (hood) to a specific area its use is absolutely correct - you're showing a specific area and placing it in context. Unfortunately these shots are very wobbly and after a few I was beginning to feel motion sickness! The move/zoom is good but to do it well you really need some serious stabilisation. Ideally a crane/dolly arrangement or possibly a stabilizer, but assumig you're living in the real world and don't have access to such equipment use a tripod and lose the movement (or do it in two shots -one wide and one close.

    6. This is instructional so you really need to make sure you show clearly what you are talking about. When you shower the dipstick it was blurred becuase the camera was still focused on the engine in the background.

    7. I've just watched a bit more and cannot empasize enough how important it is to get steadier camera shots. Hand-held is definitely not the way to go for instructional video.

    Hope you find these comments useful. They're easy fixes and will make your videos vastly better.

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    Nice review Tim. I can't really add to it except to emphasise the sound issue. Watch out that the music isn't 10 times louder than the rest of the sound. If you are talking to the viewer you should really give them a fighting chance of hearing what you say.

    Other than that it was a good idea well done.

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    I think some of the script and acting was less than perfect.
    It should not be necessary to put up captions which warn against loss of type caps.

    For a very mini example of the acting problems, consider the talent's eyes and head around 1:10. He seems to look at something else before addressing the camera.

    I liked the warm, friendly relationship; but I was left with a nagging thought. Would I want my car to be serviced by these two guys?

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