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Thread: Sound issues in Premiere CS4

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    Default Sound issues in Premiere CS4

    Hello everyone! as my first post, i know its a bit of a faux pas to ask for help.
    But i need some assistance, soonish if possible.

    In adobe CS4, when i import certain .AVI files, mostly downloaded ones, the audio is missing. no waveform or anything. but weirdly the files i filmed on my DV camera have audio just fine.

    i cant seem to find any problems audiowise, so any help is appreciated.

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    I am guessing:

    Does Premiere think the track has Audio? If so, can you see a waveform - or is it just a straight line?

    Perhaps Premiere cannot access the audio codec used in the AVI.
    I recommend an application named GSPOT; which may help identify the audio format used.

    (I thought Premiere created logfiles when it hit errors; but I may be wrong).

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    The waveform is just a straight line on the clips i'm trying to import. i downloaded GSPOT, and apparently its an XVID codec, which i know premiere has problems with. is there anything i can do to help?

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    You could try converting the files into a format by using a codec that Premiere likes. I don't know what premier like I'm a Vegas user.

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