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    Hi all.
    I finished this video last year but never posted it here, now we have it on my works server so I thought I'd share. We're looking to use this for potential new clients in this sort of field so I'd value input now.

    I shot this with no budget as a freebie to the kart place. I only wish I had my Go Pro at this point, would have been better. It's VERY difficult trying to hold a sony a1 when driving a go kart whilst pointing it at anything useful.

    OCM Films Ltd | SupaKart Promo

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    That seems fine for what it is Matt.

    Just one thing I noticed the colours seemed a little washed out.

    Ok I looked at it again so just another thing I feel it would benefit from some original sound, engines, tyre screech etc.

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    Both good points, the light in the place was very very dim, it's probably a miracle there's any colour there at all. It's been pumped up a little with gamma and saturation.

    The audio for tyres is something I did agonise over, at time the noise of the engines was just so overpowering I thought editing it would have been a nightmare, and not particularly enjoyable to listen to either. So in the end I lost the audio, in hindsight I agree, it needs something else.

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    One thing I'm starting to learn from this forum is the old adage, You can please some people some of the time but you can't please all the people all the time. This is so true.

    I understand how difficult natural conditions can make it for filming. I've been there and experience it. So believe me I do understand. I also really get that should I or shouldn't I editing decision. If you follow my user video threads they usually end up with three or four different takes trying to incorporate every bodies ideas. Which I probably thought of but in my unique "wisdom" decided against at the time, then when it's pointed out to you by a few people it just shows how you should have gone one way and not the other.

    I'm waffling badly now but I think you know what I'm trying to say.

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