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Thread: New Here, A Student and Needing Help

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    Default New Here, A Student and Needing Help

    Hello this sounds like a friendly forum, let me start by introducing my self, im a student in year 11, makes me 15/16 years old. I am poor at grammer so excuse all that lol.

    Right i know how to use all the editing tools etc.. but what i need help with at the moment is a good idea of how to shoot this scene i need to shoot for my Expressive Arts: Video Production GCSE Class.

    The idea me and my group partner have is that in our presentation film thing we have these shots we might do either or both of where it either is a shot of the sky, with the clouds moving really fast like they use in many things if you have ever seen charmed they use it there to resemble time moving or a shot from night to day wehre again its a view of the sky or the sun (sun would be harder i imagine) going from night to day about 4:00 ish to 6:00 ish in a space of 10secs. There was a magizine i had that explained this but i havent got it any more!! i think it may of been computer arts or possibly video summit lol ant remember i think i got it in 2003 or 2004. But that would of been perfect but since i havent got that can anyone else help me?

    Thanks Alot


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    Default - check that out and my reply

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    Yep, the easiest way would be to film the sky, then speed up the footage...

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    thats fine for fast moving clouds i guess as i should be able to get alot of clouds within 30mins of film or so on a nice day. But for a night to day or day to night shot i wouldnt have enough tape my mini dv tapes are like an hour :cry:

    Scott -

    ps thanks for the welcome

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    I wouldn't worry about it. Film an hour on one tape then change the tape. Given that you'll be speeding the clip up by factor of a couple of hundred then, during the one minute tape change you'll lose only a handful of frames from your sequence. No one would notice that.

    The only worry is if your tape load is from the bottom and you have to remove it from the tripod to do it, the the 'aim' of the camera may change ever so slightly.

    Or, if your camera is compatible you can control the camera from a PC by investing in some time lapse software. The sort of thing used by animators who play with plastecene all daqy long

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    Put a digital still camera on a tripod and just take a new still at regular intervals then (after possibly resizing them all) import them as a sequence of images. Viola, instant timelapse.

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