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Thread: WANTED: SFX editor to join start up company

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    Default WANTED: SFX editor to join start up company

    Hi all. BasementVision, a start up Media Production Company in the UK is currently seeking a high end special FX editor to join our team of skilled staff.

    We need an expert in the SFX field to take some of our footage and manipulate it for a TV commercial pilot that we are producing. Could you be the SFX editor we are looking for?

    Currently, we need someone who is able to take HD 1080p footage of tennis playing, and replace the ball with various objects. We want the object to act like a tennis ball, such as it distorting shape as it hits the racket or floor.

    Currently, we are a collection of graduates and enthusiasts and hopefully we can find a SFX editor who wants to work on projects on the side and see where this may lead to.

    For the project in mind, if the pilot commercial sells, you will have a contract in place before any work is started for your involvement. We do not expect to use other peoples work for free, and we do not aim to work for free! Letís see if we can get the ball moving!

    Alex Brown

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    Default 3D/VFX Artist

    I could be someone you might need.
    I'm studying MA in filmmaking but my background is in 3D graphics and VFX.
    I have some of my work on my personal website:
    Have a look and please don't hesitate to contact me anytime.


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